Art Installation
Destroyed Vision (2018)

The art installation Destroyed Vision (2018) is made of triangular projection-screens hung each separately using fine strings. The composition is reminiscent of shattered glass pieces. It is placed in an aperture above the main room of the famous street art exhibition run by Wandelism in May, 2018 (Wilhemsaue, Berlin). Right behind this installation, there is another floor with more artworks, one of which is the huge pink brain made by Drink&Draw Berlin team, those two artworks are combined, so that it looks, like the brain flew through the aperture destoying the projected picture. The projection contains glitched audio-responsive videos showing face-expressions gradually changing from happy to sad, angry and neutral.

The work is a meditation on the creative process, of which change (germ. der Wandel) is an immanent feature. Once the artist starts to materialise their imagined ideal, the idea changes and adapts constantly according to the resistance of the material. The work seeks to elevate the indispensable disappointment, occurring when the artists finally confronts the finished artwork. It is about the struggle with the ego, the mind and the emotions. It captures the perfect idea breaking apart into multiple truths and interpretations when becoming physical.
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