Stage and Costume Design
Niech żywi grzebią umarłych (based on “Dziady IV” by Adam Mickiewicz)

Director: Tomasz Szczepanek, Aleksandra Dziurosz
Premiere: 26.05.2017, Poznan (Poland)

This play directed by Tomasz Szczepanek and Aleksandra Dziurosz is a poem in the form of contemporary dance performed by the amazing ensamble of the famous Polish Dance Theatre from Poznan. It reflects on the place of death in the hustle and bustle of everyday life of a modern human. They wonder about  the bleakness of an individuals' pain, in the face of societies' indifference. People live along: wake up, go to work, keep working more, eat, drink, relax, get bored, play, bond, part, are born, grow up, give birth to someone, then they age... and die, too. Our history is just one of many stories, which happen parallelly, all over the world and it always ends in the same way. How much does someone else's death mean to us? individuals? a community? The intersection of these two perspectives prompts the authors to pose another question: what can we even know about death...?
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