Iga Kowalczuk (Iggy Kov)
Born in 1986 in Warsaw.
Studied art (stage and costume design) in Warsaw and Berlin.
Currently based in Berlin.

Freelance stage/costume designer and cross-media artist
with over 10 years experience in the theatre, film, and event industry

Cooperated with institutions like:

Collaboration with distinguished European artists:

Practical experience in a broad spectrum of visual media and crafts
as well as deep knowledge in history of fine arts and world cultural heritage

Extensive experience in industry specific 2D and 3D graphic-software and passionate interest in the creative application of new technologies and digital media.

Software skills include: AutoCAD, MS Excel / Google Sheets, Keynote / MS PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, VDMX (Live Video Editing), MadMapper (Video Mapping), Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, Procreate (digital painting), Sketchup (3D), Blender (3D), Cinema4D (3D)

Well established professional network in Poland and Germany

Fluent knowledge of English, German and Polish (native)

(+49) 176 99 79 18 32
igakowalczuk |at| gmail.com



2011 - 2014
Master of Arts
Stage and Costume Design

2008 - 2011
Bachelor of Arts
Stage and Costume Design

2005 - 2008
Bachelor of Arts,
Intercultural Relations
Oriental Institute, Warsaw University
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